Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 The Fallen


Goosebumps is an understatement. As soon as the episode began thats what i felt. Thea can’t die. All I keep doing is yelling at the television because of what Ras A Guhl has done. I can’t wait to see the scene involving Oliver and Felicity. I have been waiting since the season began for them to finally say they love each other and get together. Im not saying Ray is a good person, but she has always seemed happier with Oliver. That was cool. Thea is back but I’m guessing as like Malcolm said she will be different. What is in that water? Sometimes I feel that the CW’s show go to fast. There are too many commercials. Oh My God it happened. Oliver and Felicity. What did she do to him. I kind of felt bad for Ras because he had to leave his family. Is Nyssa even his daughter the one he left behind. I hope that John Diggle is in on this plan of hers. I actually thought her planned worked and they would get out of it. Oliver is not going home, he is staying. Thea is back to normal as she sounds. I liked that we got to see Laurel for a few seconds. I would have liked to have seen her going with the gang to Nanda Parbat. I am so happy that next week Nyssa is back. i have missed her.


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