The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 19 Leonard Caul

That was one of the best episodes I have ever watched. One of the funniest parts I found was the whole system they have for bringing doctors and nurses. Since first meeting Thomas Connolly the new Attorney General I have never trusted him. I didn’t like that one time when he jokingly said to Harold Cooper that he could hold something over his head to use at another time. I was right to not trust him. He is gonna work with the Director of Intelligence. Even though when he was sitting with him, he seemed scared. I so think Raymond Reddington is Lizzy’s father. That Fulcrum device is cool and I did not see coming that it had names of people in government who are bad. I was freaking out because she was going to his apartment and I figured she was going to see something. Why would Red have a graduation picture of her? That photo of the little girl I believe is Lizzy. That was an intense shootout between Red’s men and the Organization. Sometimes Lizzy seems scary but in a good way. At first i didn’t know if that was a good idea what Lizzy did by bringing it to the Director of National Clandestine Agency. She was right to because she made him call of his men that were about to shoot Red. I don’t know why she is still mad at Red. He told her the truth about him and Tom’s working relationship. I do believe Tom still might love her. I want to know what Tom knows about Red and how those answers can help Lizzy.


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