The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 Fire With Fire

The Originals is always good. Last night I was even freaking out because I believed and knew it couldn’t be real was what klaus was doing to them all. One thing I thought was interesting was how Elijah and Rebekah didn’t realize how Klaus was gone from the coffin. In a way i had a bad feeling about Jackson aunt. I never did like her or trust her. I don’t know why Jackson is acting like its his kid when Hope is Haley’s and Klaus child. I didn’t like how she left last week that they can’t spend anytime with Hope. Through out the whole episode I was talking to my grandma who also watches it that what klaus was dong had to be an illusion or part of his plan. Klaus is not Klaus without a plan. He did have one but not until the end. I just hope that Rebekah can come back in her original body. I felt bad for Marcel and how Klaus was treating him but he had to make it look real. I also didn’t like how Klaus made Gia kill herself because that was mean to Elijah. I knew Klaus wouldn’t kill Cami. What was cool was what Klaus did to Haley and the werewolf’s and how they are shifting. I never did like Freya and didn’t trust her. What will be interesting is how she comes back next week after Dahlia put her to sleep. It was nice seeing Davina and Vincent helping her. I think it will be good for Davina and maybe it can help her to bring back Kol. I knew it wasn’t really real and Klaus had a plan.


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