Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 This Is Your Sword

OMG. I never saw this coming. From last week i didn’t want to believe what Oliver was doing. Now we know he had a plan and it includes to dismantle the League. Even though I don’t particulay like Malcolm Merlin, I liked that he is working with Oliver. It was nice to see Roy again. Lets get Oliver back. They have to save Nyssa too. I feel bad for Nyssa because she still loves Sara and Ras should not be making her marry Oliver. It was a good idea for Malcolm to bring Tatsu to convince Felicity, Diggle and Laurel. Good they are going to stop the threat and I hope they can also save Oliver at the same time. I want to know why is Ray putting the company in Felicity’s name. What isĀ Oliver’s plan. I know and I have to believe that they are not dead because Oliver would not do that. Also I have a feeling that Thea may become Arsenal. It would be nice. I did not like that Oliver had to marry Nyssa. I know she didn’t want it either. Olicity can’t be over. I thought it was nice that it was Tatsu who killed Maseo and that he thanked her. It was heart breaking, but it was what he wanted to be free of the League.


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