The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 21 Karakurt.

I thought it was very good. I still believe that Raymond Reddington is Lizzy’s father. It’s interesting that her mother is Russian KGB. The case they were working on this week was good. I think the new Attorney General Tom Connolly  who is friends with Harold Cooper of the FBI. I liked that Tom is trying to be helpful and telling Lizzy the truth. I think I figured out how she was infected. It was odd and that is probably the reason why Tom had Harold send them to Union Station Train Station. There was a guy there she was following and he then attacked her. I think that is how she was infected. Because she is Russian they want to make it look like she was a spy. I know they caught the suspect but as we saw it was all a setup, the whole thing. My heart broke for Tom because you saw he got all dressed up for dinner while waiting for Lizzy to show and she never did. I know while all this was going on and me having a conversation with my grandmother who loves the show. My grandmother hates Tom. She had me hysterically laughing because of what she was saying about Tom. She really does not like him. I know that Raymond Reddington “Red” will not let anything happen to Lizzy and he will take care of it and get her out. 


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