The Originals Season 2 Episode 22 Ashes To Ashes SEASON FINALE 

This was one of the best episodes. I knew that Klaus had a plan all along. It was cool how Klaus and Dahlia connected as one with there blood merging together. Elijah has to get over what Klaus did, he did it for a reason and it worked. Elijah never really loved Gia. He cared for her but he will i feel always love Haley. It was nice to see the original Rebekah even though it was just for a while. I liked that Freya is free of Dahlia and now can live her life. At first it was interesting how they were gonna kill Dahlia. I always thought it was Freya who hurt her until we found out that it was actually Esther. I felt bad for Davina because she only wanted to bring back Kol and didn’t want to help them. It was cool how the mother came back to life after Elijah switched the ashes of Kol. They have to now find a way to break the Crescent Moon curse that Klaus put on Haley and the wolves. What i will say is that while I was watching the episode last night it felt very long. They seemed to have dragged it out but it ended very nicely with there being no cliffhanger to leave us until October. I liked how Esther stuck up for her kids and they were able to kill Dahlia and Esther had to die too for it to happened. It was nice how they showed Dahlia and Esther overcoming there differences and dying together. i felt so bad for Cami and Klaus because you know they have feelings for each other. I do hope that Vincent sticks around and teaches Davina. Rebekah is back in the body of the witch with the help from Freya. Everyone deserves to be happy. We will have to see what comes of season 3. I loved the story that Klaus was telling Hope at the end. Id like to see Elijah get over what he is feeling towards Klaus. Klaus was doing everything to fool Dahlia. It just seems no one gets that. See you again in October.


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