Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 23 Spartacus

I thought it was a good episode. I just don’t like that now we have to wait till November to see what happens. Where is Casey? They should not have killed Katia the employee from the strip club. I knew that Jack was no good. I felt bad that Severide had to let go Rice, but Ottis was right. He just shouldn’t have done it the way he did. The new paramedic Chilly, I don’t like her. I feel she is not a good fit and she seems annoying. It was nice that Casey was working with Sergeant Voight and Detective Dawson to help them with the case. I was yelling at the television because then it showed Jack was outside and saw them all. I knew he knew. I feel Ottis is an instigator. It was wrong of them all to sit at squads table. Good for Cruz to have gone out of his comfort zone and work hard to pass his squad qualifications. He was then put on squad. Ottis really does annoy me. He should have not gotten mad that Cruz wanted to move up the ladder. Just because Ottis doesn’t want to he shouldn’t take it out on other people. I was so scared that Severide and Dawson wouldn’t make it out of the fire, but there was Chief Boden to get them out. I liked that they all stood up and said they all threaten the other Chief. They put aside their differences and came together. I had a feeling that Gabby was pregnant. This makes for a great story line for next season. They just have to find Casey. He can’t be dead. Katia didn’t deserve to die. I did not see coming the hookup between Brett and Roman. What am I gonna do till November?


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