Arrow Season 3 Episode 23 My Name Is Oliver Queen

My Name Is Oliver Queen. Yes it is. I thought there wasn’t a cure. They are alive. Oliver has to have a plan. Barry came and got them out. It was funny how he tied up all the assassins. That was heart breaking watching them split up the ashes of Maseo and Tatsu’s son. That is how Maseo left and went to join the League Of Assassins. They have to understand that Oliver did it all to protect them and they couldn’t be in on the plan for their protection. Thea is the new Arsenal. Nice. Oliver has to defeat Ra’s Al Ghul once and for all. It’s good they all are protected against the virus. Nyssa has taught Laurel well. That was a cool fight see between Ra’s Al Ghul and Oliver. I knew Captain Lance wouldn’t let the cops shoot Oliver even though he particularly doesn’t like Oliver. OMG Oliver killed Ra’s Al Ghul. Felicity saved Oliver and he was happy to see her. They were able to save the city. Yes. Nyssa should have also been the one to kill her father for what he put her thru. Oliver loves Felicity. They are going to be together. I’ve wanted that for so long. Oliver is so happy to finally be with her. I like the new name Thea picked for herself The Red Arrow. It is very suiting. Hopefully Oliver and Diggle can resolve their issues. Is Ray Palmer dead? I guess that was part of Oliver and Malcolm plan that he become the new Ra’s Al Ghul. Why did Nyssa kneel to Malcolm and not just kill him. She should be out living her life. Hanging out with Laurel. That was a great ending with Oliver and Felicity driving off looking happy. THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SEASON FINALES I HAVE WATCHED. October can’t com fast enough.


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