The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 22 Masha Rostova Season Finale

What an episode that was. I really don’t like Tom Connolly. I never did trust him. I was glad that Harold Cooper was not gonna give up Lizzy. I knew that Red couldn’t not help her. This covert group The Cabal really are trying to frame everything on Lizzy. They must have been planning this for a while. What was funny was how Red and Cooper met in the church then they started to work together. I didn’t think Agent Ressler would stop her. He let her go. I felt bad for Tom because he really wanted to help them, but Red didn’t wan this help. So Elizabeth Keen real name is Masha Rostova. Tom at least got his boat that he wanted. I liked seeing Tom and Lizzy working together. At least they found the guy but the group shot and killed him to cover up the whole plan. It was good that they found a flash drive in the apartment. What was shocking was how Harold Cooper is not sick. Never was. Tom Connolly was behind it. Threatening the doctor to lie and make Cooper think he was sick. Good that Cooper knows. Harold also has to get his wife help because The Cabal is making her look like to everyone that she is a traitor to. I liked how Red had people taking reporters off the street and bringing them to a location. He wants to get the story out there of the secret covert group. It has to be done. Someone did it, they wrote the story. I liked that Lizzy was able to talk with Tom and he really does love her. I believe that. I did not see coming was them sleeping together. While this was going on my grandma was messaging me telling how much she hated and despised Tom. She especially hated that part of them sleeping together. I found it hysterical her complaining about seeing them. What was great was when Harold went to Confront Tom Connolly. At first I thought maybe Lizzy didn’t shoot him maybe someone else had done it, but she did. And with that she remembered what the memory was that Red had blocked to protect her. When she was a kid she shot who she was to believe was her father. I don’t think he was. He may have been her step father or a lover of her mother. Raymond Reddington is her father. He is going to protect and take her somewhere for her safety. It was sad seeing Red and Dembe said goodbye to each other. Red has to go with her. It will be interesting to where they go. I don’t know how the team will go after her because she is their friend. Now she is like Red on the Most WANTED LIST.


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