Chicago Pd Season 2 Episode 22 Push The Pain Away

I know I’m late on giving my review. I seemed to be having a problem writing how i felt about this episode. Like every week they have good story lines, but this week it seemed to be a bit boring. The case they were working on was good and interesting. It is always funny to see Voight doing what he needs to get the job done. I feel that Burgess is not a good fit for Intelligence. She is a good cop but she is better downstairs on the streets with her partner Roman. I think Atwater will be fine and get to go back upstairs and work. I think what made the episode kind of boring and hard for me to write about was the fact that Lindsay is spiraling out of control. I get that Nadia was her best friend and she feels it is her fault that Nadia died because of her. Voight needs to do something to make sure she doesn’t go down the road she was on before she became a cop. Its funny how my parents who watch the show don’t like Lindsay. They find the character annoying. I don’t get how. Maybe because I know Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill. She is one of my favorite actresses. Why is Lindsay sleeping with an old friend and looks like she is gonna take drugs. 


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