Chicago Pd Season 2 Episode 23 Born Into Bad News Season Finale

What an episode this was. Lindsay has to overcome what she is dealing with. I get that it must be hard dealing with something like she has. What is Lindsay doing. Why is she partying and having a one night stand even though she didn’t seem interested in the guy. I knew that Atwater would be cleared. It’s just a matter of if Voight wants him back in Intelligence yet. Voight knows better to see the signs of what Erin is doing. It’s always bad when going after dirty cops. I hope Lindsay can go on the straight and narrow again. It’s a good thing what Dawson wants to do. OMG Olinsky has is this girls father. He has two daughters. So that is why the woman wanted to meet him. it happened when he was undercover. Those cops killed commander Perry because his nephew went to Voight for help on snitching on them. Then they went after Lindsay. I knew that would end in bad news because Voight would kill them. What was weird how her friend was sitting outside her apartment and didn’t see the men go into her apartment unless they went in through the window. It was wrong how Bunny put the picture of Nadia and Lindsay in a frame and on her desk. Voight was right for not trusting her. Good that Voight got the dirty cop who was behind the whole thing Detective Roland to surrender and be arrested. Good that Voight took Atwater back and Burgess is back in uniform. I liked that Voight helped out Dawson by giving him the money to help the boxing club stay open. I bet that money came from the dirty cops table. OMG Ruzek proposed to Burgess. She said yes. What is Lindsay doing listening to her mother and telling Voight to get out of there. Her mother doesn’t care about her or her feelings. I think she wants control of her. Voight won’t let that happen.  It won’t last long. A great finale. now we have to wait and see what happens when it comes back.


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