NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 24 Chernoff, K.

The episode was very good. I like seeing Russia even if they weren’t really there. I found funny was the beginning when they show the big computer screen and then after going up close then you see Hetty. It’s so funny how Hetty is so little compared to everyone else. For the last few weeks I thought maybe Arkady was Callen’s father, but I guess not. Good the whole team went to Russia to help Arkady get his daughter back. Anna was interesting. At first I thought she could have been Callen’s sister but I guess not. Anna can fight which is cool. Arkady is funny and he was able to give Callen information on his father. I don’t think his father is dead. Even though the man who Callen believes to have his father is dead but I don’t think it would be that easy. I think Arkady knows more than he is telling. It’s so easy for Hetty to get in and out of places easily. Arkady singing was hysterical when he was singing. He looked so awkward. When the team was going through the rooms looking for the buyers and sellers I thought maybe Anna was behind it but good she wasn’t. they were able to stop the sell and find the ships. I felt so bad for Arkady when he was shot but he is still alive and in the wind. So is Anna. I think Callen’s real father who is still alive I think will help get Arkady out of Russia. I believe the man at the end who went in the shop and ordered an espresso is Callen’s father. Funny how you found out Hetty at one point got married even though you can’t see that happening. I liked that it ended on a good note with no cliffhangers.


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