Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2 Perfect Family

Chris you have to break it off or you are gonna get in trouble. It’s breaking my heart what Andy is dealing with . I knew not to trust Officer Ward.  I believe that Marlo doesn’t want to get back with Sam. Things are so good between Andy and Sam, why is she gonna end things with Sam?  I like that Dov and Marlo are getting along. Maybe something can happen between them. I still don’t like Duncan, I find him annoying. I don’t like Gail’s new darker hair color. It’s funny how Chris is scared of Inspector Jarvis. Good Marlo and Dov haven’t stopped investigating the bombing in the evidence room at the 15th division. If it wasn’t the guy they had it custody from the end of last season, I want to know who else it could have been? the case they are working on with the missing girl seems interesting. the father is controlling. The wife even seems scared of her husband. I don’t know if I even want to know what the father does in the garage. What punishments he must be giving the kids. This guy is crazy. Even the wife is afraid of her husband and what he could do her or the kids. They need to get the husband. Damn the kid called the father and gave away where they are located. Cases like these make me mad. Sam has to fight to keep Andy. He will be a better dad than his father. OMG this family. The brother poison the sister. Good the father got arrested, he should have not hit that kid. The father is crazy. There is no perfect family. Good the wife is taking a stand against her husband. Wow Dov and Marlo have found something  in the bombing car and it seems it is connected to the police. Gail is right, Chris is an idiot. YES   they are gonna figure this out. Overall it was a good episode. Some shocking things have been found out tonight but I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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