Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 1 A View From The Ledge

YES. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Them getting engaged. Leo is great for her. It’s good that she is living life. I hate that the chemo did work. Brenna being able to help out someone is good. It’s she has already ran into the kid she will be helping but doesn’t know. Why is Sara being so negative about them wanting to get married. What is going on with Dominic. I like the party bus. OMG Leo made her lunch. I like that April and Natalie are on good terms again and hanging out. Brenna is in film club which seems cool. I miss Greer.  I like that Vanessa who April just met is enjoying life and not being down. Its cool if your able to visit other states and countries. Is she in some way gonna help April realize to just live life? Beth is like the ultimate best friend to have really. I kind of feel bad for Natalie because it looks like she knows about Dominic. I’m glad that April made her mom realize and that she is ok with what April wants to do. Why is he still in love with April. UGH!!!! Good Brenna wants to know about the recipient and how is goes. What Natalie just found is i guess the last book the father was writing. Was it about him and did he maybe really kill himself? That’s the question i think every one will want to know the answer too. Overall it was a great episode. I feel this in a way reminds us that maybe we should all just live life to the fullest because we don’t know what will happen.


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