Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3 Uprising

Wow. Something is different with Chloe. I guess Officer Duncan likes Chloe. The patch eye is hysterical. It’s nice that Sam met Marlo at the doctors appointment. Something must be wrong with the baby. So officer Ward has two phones. The look on Andy. She will be suspicious of her now. I’d like to see how officer Ward will explain he two phones. What did the inmate Kensi mean by she recognize officer Ward. All the inmates should have been in cells why weren’t they? Something seems weird with the inmate Nick is with. Sam will freak when he hears about what is going on with Andy. So Rochelle played Nick. Now he is stuck. So Rochelle is crazy. I kind of feel bad for Kenzi. She was telling the truth and didn’t stab her best friend. This is one interesting episode. I really hope we find out in this episode what is wrong with Marlo and the baby. Good the baby is going to be all right. It’s a girl. In a way I hope Marlo doesn’t want Sam to choose. He loves Andy and he wants to build a life with her. When shows do things like this make it complicated for a character I hate that. Awe the inmate Gail was with you gotta feel bad because her kids died in a fire. Good Chris got to Nick. Good Andy is questioning Juliet. I still don’t trust her and probably won’t. I don’t think Chloe is into Duncan like that. I think she still has feelings for Dov. Who is that girl Gail as talking to and pinched her butt? I knew Ward was no good and can’t be trusted. Good Sam told Andy what the baby is gonna be. I just hope she doesn’t break up with him. That will break my heart. Next week looks good. 


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